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RingCentral Vanity Numbers Includes

Choose 800, 888, 877, 866 - You can choose to have a number that works best for you and your small business. You can pick your own vanity number so that you can get your business noticed. Having a vanity toll free number can increase your customer retention, sales, and improve your image

Voicemail - With RingCentral, you also get a very good voicemail system. You can setup your own personal greetings and have alerts whenever you have received a phone call.

Call Forwarding - You have the ability to redirect your phone calls. You can redirect your phone call to any number that is in the system. For example, you can redirect a phone call to your cell phone.

Predictable Pricing - RingCentral has a easy to remember pricing structure. You will know exactly what you will be paying when you signup with RingCentral.

Toll Free Number or Local Number - You will have many different choices. You can choose to have a toll free number or a vanity number. You can also pick up 800, 888, 877, and 866 numbers.

Free Internet Fax - When you sign up for RingCentral vanity numbers, you also get access to free online fax service. With the free online fax service, you will be able to send out faxes online will a click of the button.

Voicemail & Fax Features

Professional Greeting - Setting up professional greetings is a breeze and you can easily record all of your greetings and announcements. By having a good professional greeting, you can make your company look larger than it already is.

Get Alerts - you can setup alerts do that whenever you receive a fax, you will get a alert through your cellphone. You can also setup your alerts to other devices as well. Such as your PDA, iPhone or Blackberry.

Music & On Hold Messages - When your caller is on hold, he is will get a message or hear music on his phone. You can pick different messages and on hold music.

Virtual PBX Features

Extensions - You can setup many different extensions so that your business will look professional. You can setup your extensions in a systematic way. You can easily get the structure of a large communications system without the cost.

Auto-Receptionist - With the auto receptionist features, you can create a menu in which your customers can reach out to many different departments by pressing on their number pad.

Dial-By-Name Directory - You can dial by many different ways. You can dial by directory, last name or department.

Call Management & Answering

Routing & Answering Rules - You can direct your phone calls to anywhere. You can redirect your phone calls to your cell phone, office, or home phone.

Call Screening & Blocking - You can screen and block any calls your want with RingCentral. The auto attendant feature on your service identifies the caller. Then it give you several options such as accept the call, reject the call, or send it to the voicemail system.

Call Logs - Get records of all of your calls. A record is store on your online account and it tells you many different information about the call. Such as, time length, the number, and who called you.

Real-time Call Control - Get many calls at once? No problem, you can manage all of your calls at once. You get many new management tools and options that display your caller ID information.

Call Forwarding - You can forward your call to any department, extension, cell phone office and home number. You can many features that give you the functionally of a larger communications system.

Call Transfer -  You can easily transfer all phone calls on the fly. Advanced phone transfer give you even greater mobility.